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Essay Help

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Do Elite Colleges Produce the Best-Paid Graduates?

That was a headline from an article I read few weeks ago. The article went on to list various careers and the impact that going to a top school would have on the wages of workers in those careers.

Undoubtedly going to a top school will open more doors and provide more opportunities for higher earning.  As the saying goes, “birds of a feather flock together.” That’s not to say that you can’t earn a decent living going to an average school.

What I found most interesting about the report however was it’s reinforcement of the wage worker ideal. As a part-time college instructor myself I often hear students enamored with the idea of becoming high paid wage slaves such as doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc….


I find it ironic that university culture, a culture that promotes free thought mostly churns out corporate wards.  My guess is that this happens because very often university professor’s are themselves wards of an institution.

I am not discounting education and I am certainly not discounting elite education. What I am advocating however is alternative education.

Though some schools teach innovation and entrepreneurship as part of there MBA programs many people’s ideal path remains that of a high paid wage slave.I believe we should place a higher value on innovation and entrepreneurship.

Personally, my ideal is not to wake up every morning and go to job where my fate is in the hands of my employer.My ideal is to have the freedom to chart my own path, to have ultimate accountability, ultimate reward.

What about you? What are your goals? Are you looking to become truly independent or to remain a ward of company where you work.

In his book “Tribes,”  Seth Godin says we need to get to a point where doing what is safe feels risky and doing what is risky feels safe. I encourage you to take one action today that takes you out of your comfort zone and toward what YOU really want.

Distance Learning: All You Need To Know

While many universities have offered distance learning options for over a century, the Internet has made distance learning an even more attractive and accessible choice for students. Online courses and degree programs give students an unprecedented level of flexibility in their education. More students are able to balance the demands of school with family and work. Of course, deciding to pursue a degree through distance learning and choosing the best one for you can be a difficult task. This guide is designed to provide you with tips and resources to make this process easier.

distance learning

Quick Facts About Distance Learning

  • The first university to offer distance learning degrees was the University of London.
  • Today’s distance learning courses often utilize several different learning methods, including online chat rooms and forums, printed materials, and videoconferencing.
  • Even though the format of specific courses can vary considerably, most share at least a few basic elements: some sort of file exchange system, a discussion board, and, of course, tests.
  • There are different types of online courses: fully online, where the entire course is online; hybrid, which mixes online sessions and material with in-class meetings; and independent study, where the student is not under any deadlines and may complete the course according to his or her own pace.
  • A 2001 study conducted by the National Center for Education Statistics found that 2,320 two- and four-year institutions offered online courses.
  • At the beginning of the 2008-09 school year a staggering 4.6 million students were taking at least one online course.
  • A number of studies report that distance learning has no educational advantage or disadvantage over traditional learning.
  • Bill Gates is one of many prominent proponents of online distance learning.

The Top 10 Most Popular Subjects Online

Nursing – Nursing programs have extensive field experience requirements in addition to the learning that can be done at a distance. However, completing the coursework online gives students more flexibility in their studies.

Accounting – Many companies are beginning to hire virtual accountants and bookkeepers. Earning an education online can be good preparation for an online career.

Criminal Justice – Degrees in criminal justice have always been a popular online option.


Video Game Design – A distance learning degree in video game design focuses on the design and writing of games, rather than hands-on experiences.

Human Services – The variety of human services courses available online allows students to tailor their major toward their specific interests.

Counseling – An online degree in counseling can be easily tailored for specific concentrations and specializations.

Psychology – The many career opportunities make psychology a popular degree in any form; the nature of the coursework makes it just as suitable for an online format as a traditional classroom setting.

Early Childhood Education – Online degrees in early childhood education make the act of balancing practical work and coursework more manageable.

Religion – Courses in religion can be heavy on reading and writing, making them a good fit for the online format.

Business Administration – Many students who pursue degrees in business administration maintain full-time jobs. An online degree helps make this possible.

How to Come Up With a Successful Personal Essay

A personal essay is often a task, given to the candidates, applying for college or willing to participate in various educational programs. This kind of essay is the best opportunity for the committee members to find out what kind of person a candidate is and why he/she is willing to participate in the given program. This type of essay may also be assigned to the students, who have just returned to school after their summer vacation. It can be both an easy and difficult task for you to write a personal essay. To make it easier, let’s look into some useful tips on writing an interesting and effective personal essay.

Personal Essay: What to Keep in Mind When Writing?

This is a kind of essay where your personal experience, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, motivations, interpretations, etc. are the most welcome as they are going to give a better insight into your personality. So you are going to write in the 1st person, using phrases like “I think”, “I believe”, “I consider”.

Personal Essay

If you are writing a personal essay, applying for any program where you are willing to participate be aware that committee members make their decision based on how you will write your essay. Begin your essay with a catchy idea, add some humor. Let your opening paragraph be original and intriguing. The last thing you need is to bore the committee members.

You don’t have to be objective in your personal essay. Your individuality and personal beliefs are what matters in this type of essay, because what you write here gives a perfect insight in what kind of personality you are, especially for those not previously acquainted with you.

Be creative, free or provoking, if needed, but don’t forget to stick to the essay structure, involving a short, clear and catchy opening paragraph with a thesis statement, essay body with supporting paragraphs and conclusion, giving a brief original summary to the mentioned in your essay. To make your essay more unique, it’s good to bring quotes, dialogs, short anecdotes, etc. into your writing in the supporting paragraphs of your essay.

Don’t expect to get a perfect personal essay from the first attempt. It’s absolutely normal and highly advisable to write a few drafts. Coming up with the final version of your essay, make sure that the grammar and language used are at the due level.

A personal essay is, definitely, the most appropriate type of writing, letting you express your creativity. Take advantage of this opportunity and show the world what a really brilliant person you are!

How to Know if an Online College is Legitimate

  • Accreditation is awarded to schools that meet specific, established academic standards.
  • Accrediting organizations may be either regional or national.
  • Diploma mills offer degrees for little to no work. Their degrees are worthless, and they might even get you into trouble. Luckily, there are several ways to spot them.
  • Some states maintain lists of known unaccredited schools.
  • If a school is not accredited, employers and other professionals will probably not accept the degrees that it has given out. Students attending such a school are not eligible for federal financial aid, and will not be able to transfer their credits to another school, should they wish to do so.
  • Student reviews can be a valuable resource during your college search. Find out what kind of education you might get from the people who have been there.
  • There are several resources that can help you identify problematic schools.
  • News organizations have helped raise awareness about diploma mills and unaccredited schools.
  • Even schools with accreditation can vary in quality.